What if I have gentlemen in the party living out of state?

Relax! This is a very common scenario for Northwest weddings. All we really need is some simple core measurements such as one's height and weight and general clothing sizes such as waist, inseam, neck, sleeve, and shoe size. We review all incoming measurements thoroughly and communicate any sizing issues in advance thus minimizing most fitting issues. Really, you can relax.. we offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry mostly due to our significant attention in this critical matter and the fact that we have merchandise in stock for last minute exchange purposes.  

What makes your tuxedos better than the other companies?

The large chain companies choose to and can only afford to carry Rental Grade Properties.  No matter what label or "designer" it undoubtedly will be comprised of synthetic materials (microfiber) with boxier cut jackets and pants. Their infamous "euro ties" which are prefabbed polyester ties! Even their jewelry (cufflinks & studs) are another example of their cost cutting measures. On the other hand, The Tuxedo Club features true designer formal wear. Timeless, classic yet very contemporary as well. We use only ultra light summer weight wool materials, super 150's. Our shirt collection is comprised of all cotton fabrics. Our bow ties and neck ties are only 100% silk! All of our vests are full back designs, in a host of specific size ranges to accommodate all sizes. Our jewelry consists of black onyx in both platinum or yellow gold settings, and for our grooms we feature genuine mother-of-pearl studs and links! We also offer real leather end suspenders, silk handkerchiefs, and formal patent leather shoes. Clearly, The Tuxedo Club has the quality and just the look you need on your most important day - your wedding day!

Do you also offer suits?

Yes! The Tuxedo Club is the only company in the nation to offer retail quality suits for rental! Superior fabrics, fit, and designs. We are the only company to offer exclusive all cotton fitted shirts, real silk neckwear - both bow ties and neck ties. Additional accessories such as belts and shoes are also included at no additional cost.

When should we register our wedding with the Tuxedo Club?
The Tuxedo Club recommends registering 2-3 months prior to the wedding and having all sizes on file ideally 4-6 weeks in advance of the wedding date. However, it is never too late to order a suit or tuxedo be it one important member of the party or a large group! We welcome your business!

How do you go about registering your wedding?
Make a 30-60 minute appointment with Bob at the Tuxedo Club. Then we identify what you're in need of, we then allow the groom to try on lines of interest in determining the perfect look for the wedding day. Again, this is an exclusive service that only The Tuxedo Club features! Once the styles are determined, we simply record the names of the gentlemen in the party and outline the time frames for fittings, pick-ups, and returns.  



What if the Groom has his own attire picked out and we only need clothing for the groomsmen?

We recommend bringing in the groom's suit or tuxedo and we can coordinate excellent quality merchandise that will compliment his look in both style and design.

Are there special services for the Grooms?
The Tuxedo Club offers private appointments in the preliminary selection phase whereas the groom is able to try on men's fashion lines of interest. Thus guaranteeing the right choice & the right fit. The Tuxedo Club features both men's & children's sizes from 3T through Big & Tall.

What is the typical
 rental schedule? 
Offering extended rental periods for local and destination weddings from Tuesday through Monday (6-7 day rental period) at no additional cost! The most accommodating rental program in the nation! 

What if it is last minute and the Tuxedo or Suit isn't the perfect fit?
The Tuxedo Club is the only in state company offering last minute alterations and complete exchange capability on all of our products! Expect timely results along with a guaranteed quality fit. Extremely beneficial to your out of town wedding members!

What do I do when the wedding is over?
The Tuxedo Club offers free Seattle area/Eastside area hotel pickups! As carefree as it gets! Typically all products are scheduled for a Monday return from 10:00am to 7:00pm.

What are the costs and terms of renting with The Tuxedo Club?

The Tuxedo Club features great year round wedding packages-"Rent 4 and get the 5th one Free!"

Our rental prices range from $189.90-$219.90 depending upon the particular style. We charge an additional $5 cleaning fee and sales tax with each order.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, & local checks. All balances are payable at the time of pick up.

Can you rent separates?
Absolutely! Our "separate collection" is available with a la carte pricing - we feature designer, flat front trousers, all cotton shirts, full back vests, silk ties, leather shoes and belts in both brown & black. We also feature leather end suspenders in black, navy, charcoal, and tan. Packages range from 69.90 to 99.90 depending upon the particular style. Subject to a cleaning fee and tax.